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New Additions to 'traditional art' and the Kegel-Konietzko collection

Rare water colours by George Lilanga

Ibeji - new additions


Six artworks by Tanzanian Legend
Edward Saidi Tingatinga

Once more shikra has some fabulous new additions to "traditional art" on offer. Some of the highlights this month are:

◊ face masks form Liberia (Kran, Bassa und Mano)

◊ a face mask from the Tetela in DR Congo,

◊ a rare Lobi bronze braclet,

◊ a rare Egungun bochio from Benin

◊ as well as further objects from the Kegel-Konietzko collection - objects collected in the 1950’s from Nigeria, Ghana, DR Congo and the Ivory Coast. Many of the pieces still have their original collectors numbers.

Offer 'traditional art' >>>

Kegel-Konietzko >>>

shikra is offering eight rare water colours by George Lilanga. The owner bought the artworks directly from the artist in 1995.

George Lilanga was born in 1934 and lived in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) until his death in 2005. Due to his unique style he belongs to one of the leading contemporary artists in Africa.

Lilange was a painter as well as a sculptor and worked with various techniques and materials. His sculptures, paintings, drawings, etchings, batiks and metalworks have not just become well known in his native Africa but also in Europe, America and Asia.

Offer >>>

One of the best loved objects collected by serious lovers of African is the Ibeji.The figures have an extraordinary range of sculptural expression.

An Ibeji is used as a container for the soul of a dead twin.

The Yoruba believe that the souls of twins are connected to each other and the a dead twin must be looked after exactly like a living child in that it is fed, bathed and spoken to, thus ensuring the survival of the other twin.

shikra is offering a collection of single and pairs of Ibejis, representing some of the wide variety of styles to be found in Yorubaland.

Offer >>>

Although it is nearly 40 years since his passing away, Edward Saidi Tingatinga (1932 – 1972) has become a legend in the world of contemporary African Art.

His naive style of painting is immediately recognisable.

Although he only started painting in 1968 his four years of productivity inspired the later establishment of the Tingatinga School of Painters that continues to florish today.

shikra is pleased to offer six of these artworks, all of which are from a private German collection.

Offer >>>

Willie It is well known that Bruce Onobrakpeya has produced a number of artworks with Christian motives. For example in 1977 he was awarded Pope Paul V1 Gold Medal for participating in an exhibition to commemorate the Pope’s 80th birthday celebrations. With this in mind shikra will be celebrating Easter by offering 23 Bruce Onobrakpeya artworks at especially low prices. All the works are from a renowned northern German private collection including a rare printing plate from the artist. Offer >>>

Willie Helmet masks from the Ibo and the Kuba, a Luena mask, a Namchi fertility doll, several Ibejis, a rare and old Mandingo sword collected in 1906, Mwana Hitis from Tanzania, a finely carved Luba figure, a rare "Ile Ori" from the Yoruba, biiga fertilty dolls, "war bells" from Liberia and a kola nut tray from Nigeria. Just some of the 75 new additions to the shikra online gallery. Offer >>>

Willie Bester was born in 1956 in Montagu, in the Western Cape and is now regarded as one of South Africa's most important resistance artists. Other than a short period studying with the Community Arts Project in Cape Town, he is self-taught. He remembers producing his first piece of art when he was seven years old and has now spent over forty years perfecting his skills. By incorporating recycled material into his paintings, assemblages and sculptures his works have a wonderful depth and richness of colour. Offer >>>

Statuaire du Stanley-Pool from Raoul Lehuard, L'Art Eket by Francois Neyt, Statuettes Tshokwe, The Arts of Zaire, Ikenga by J. S.Boston, The Art of Eastern Nigeria by G. I. Jones, Igbo Arts - Community and Cosmos and Discovering the Forgotten "Civilisation" of Komaland are just some of the new books in our gallery. shikra now has over 3,000 books available about the African continent, not all of which are listed in the catalogue. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us, we would be only glad to help you. Offer >>>

Books – From Ethnology to History. Over 100 new additions Statuaire du Stanley-Pool from Raoul Lehuard, L'Art Eket by Francois Neyt, Statuettes Tshokwe, The Arts of Zaire, Ikenga from J. S.Boston, The Art of Eastern Nigeria by G. I. Jones, Igbo Arts - Community and Cosmos and Discovering the Forgotten "Civilisation" of Komaland are just some of the new books in our gallery. shikra now has over 3,000 books available about the African continent, not all of which are listed. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us, we would be only glad to help you. Offer >>>

One of the best loved objects collected by serious lovers of African is the Ibeji. The figures have an extraordinary range of sculptural expression. An Ibeji is used as a container for the soul of a dead twin. The Yoruba believe that the souls of twins are connected to each other and the a dead twin must be looked after exactly like a living child in that it is fed, bathed and spoken to, thus ensuring the survival of the other twin. shikra is offering a collection of single and pairs of Ibejis, representing some of the wide variety of styles to be found in Yorubaland. Offer >>>

Two wonderful early works from one of Ghana's greatest sons, Ablade Glover. The artwork was purchased directly from the artist in 1969. Born in 1934, Ablade Glover has become a legend in his own lifetime. His work can be found in some of the leading collections of African Contemporary Art in the world. He was Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Art Education and Dean of the College of Art at the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana until 1994 when he retired from the university to take up painting full-time. Ablade works with heavy oils and a pallet knife to create beautiful, rich artworks of marketplaces and townplaces. Offer >>>

This book presents outstanding African artworks from 36 German private collections. African art is depicted as a process: 500 photographs as well as numerous descriptions and essays of rarely published objects show the strong connection between traditional and contemporary African art. The book provides a structured insight into the some of the most outstanding artworks in German collections. In five chapters the publisher and twelve other authors present the latest discourse about collecting African art and the exciting relationship between traditional and modern. Offer >>>

Manfred Zirngibl and Alexander Kubetz open the treasure box of their overwhelming collection of african short arms, cult objects and shields. With more than 700 images the book is a 334-pages-long tour through the artistry of african weapons. Proverb: the two collectors have „created a substantiated work of reference not only for their collector friends but also for the ethnological museums and institutes.“ This book is valuable to all enthusiasts interested in the art of weaponry and the craft of forging in Black Africa. The book is only available in German. Offer >>>

shikra is offering four rare bronze armilla from the Kru in Liberia. There seems to be few hard facts about these so-called bracelets: Legend has it that they represent who the Kru call ‘tien’,‘nitien’ or ‘Dwin’ - meaning 'water spirits'. Their powers are supposed to include the ability to stop war, create new villages, improve fertility and cure diseases. In all probability these objects would have been used as a form of primitive money. It is doubtful any of these were made in recent times. Today objects like those we have on offer are extremely rare. more >>>

We are looking for sponsors for an exciting project that will be taking place in the Namib desert in July 2011: Ondambo II. The first Ondambo project (1997) in the Namib oasis of Arandis in Namibia was a great success. Nine internationally acclaimed artists took part: António Ole (Angola), Valente Malangatana (Mozambique), Willie Bester (RSA), Joe Madisia (Namibia), John Liebenberg (RSA), Romouald Hazoumé (Benin), Tapfuma Gutsa (Zimbabwe), El Anatsui (Ghana/Nigeria), El Loko (Togo/Germany).
Watch a short film about ONDAMBO I
Now it is our intention to improve on this and we would like you to help us make ONDAMBO II an even greater success. When the project is completed we aim to exhibit the artworks in various countries around the world. F For further information please read the PDF >>>

shikra is well known for offering high quality Nigerian Contemporary Art to an ever increasing and discerning audience. We are therefore continually searching for new works from the masters of their trade. Epecially the works of •  Ben Enwonwu •  Yusuf Grillo •  El Anatsui •  Uche Okeke •  Erhabor Emokpae are of interest. If you wish to sell any works of these artists please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Africa, a continent with a myriad of cultures, each one with it's own unique language. Africa has approx. 2,000 spoken languages with Nigeria topping the list with up to 250 ethno-linguistic groups. Next to a wide variety of sign languages there are others that are whistled or drummed to communicate over long distances. Berber, Arabic, Igbo, Swahili, Hausa, Amharic and Yoruba are spoken by millions of people while other isolated languages are spoken by possibly only a few hundred people. shikra is offering approximately 200 books on African languages including general linguistic books that can provide readers with a foundation for further research. more >>>

shikra is offering a large private collection of Nigerian contemporary art from southern Germany. The works include pieces from such well known and respected artists as Jimoh Buraimoh, Bisi Fakeye, Emmanuel Ekong Ekefrey and Tijani Mayakiri. We are open to serious offers for the artworks - they can be bought individually. We will forward your offer the owner of the collection who will then decide whether to accept. more >>>

shikra offers approx. 2,500 books about the African Continent, continually increasing. New additions include evergreens as Marc Felix’s "Tanzania" as well as rareties such as . "Beiträge zur Kolonialforschung, Volumes 1 – 6“ from 1942/43. Hans Himmelheber is also listed with his classic "Die Dan. Ein Bauernvolk im westafrikanischen Urwald". Books in German, French and English - so something for everyone. As special offers start at € 2,- no need to loose out on a small budget. more >>>

shikra currently has on offer the possibly largest private collection of Nigerian books in the world, containing books on history, culture, anthropology, politics, art, incl. a rare collection of "Nigerian Magazine" plus a nearly a complete collection of colonial books, some of which are out of print. The more than 1,600 titles of the collection would raise approx. € 40,000 - € 50,000, if sold individually. Any serious offer for the complete collection will be forwarded to the owner who will then decide whether to accept. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a large and significant library. Booklist >>>

Ahadsi’s fame is assured as he uniquely captures the essence of the people of his home country Togo. From the beautiful to the macabre, from erotic to caricature, Adhadsi’s art, charms, shocks and educates us about life in this small West African country. The sculptures include market scenes and voodoo as well as Togo’s world of mobile telephones and modern dancing. Among others, his work has been published in the popular German language “A4” magazine for non-European Art and Culture (see A4 01/07 “Sex and the City”). more >>> biography (pdf) >>>

shikra represents many first class artworks from the Nigerian master printer Bruce Onobrakpeya. In the name of the artwork owners, shikra is open to serious offers for the works exhibited in the shikra online catalogue. Your offer will then be forwarded to the owner of the artwork who will then decide whether to accept. Take a look at our selection that ranges from deep etchings (plastograph) and plastocasts to a very rare and impressive printing plate. more >>>

Two additional masterpieces by Twins Seven Seven: "Shango and his Festival" (224 x 122 cm) and "Paradise"( 200 x 100 cm) from 1988. Both use a mixed technique on plywood in a two layered "wood relief". Twins Seven-Seven, born 1944 as Taiwo Olaniyi Oyewale Aitoyeje in Ogidi Ikumu, Nigeria, is a multitalented artists from the Oshogbo school. He paints, draws, sculpts, designs textiles and does metalwork, his imagination knowing no bounds. He fills his works with fantastic creatures, creating a world with ties to Yoruba oral traditions, myths, religion and his own personal experiences. more >>>

shikra is offering a further 600 books from a private collection in Hamburg. Included are many of the great authors of African Literature, for example Chinua Achebe, Andre Brink, Wole Soyinka and Doris Lessing. The books are in the German, French and English languages. There is certainly something of interest for you. Please don't wait too long with your orders as we only have one example of each book. The book list is available as a PDF download. The prices are good - why delay?! Booklist >>>

Born on the May, 23 1970 in Vogan, Togo, Didier Ahadsi has rapidly become one of West Africa’s leading contemporary artists. As a child it soon became evident that Ahadsi was a natural talent. He made toys from old tin cans and later used his skills as a welder and panel beater to produce his colourful and provocative figures. Financial difficulties gave him with the impetus to combine his creative talent with his professional life. Due to his experience it was second nature for him to transform sheet metal into art. more >>>

The Vereinigung der Freunde afrikanischer Kultur e.V. held their autumn conference in the "Museum der Weltkuturen" in Frankfurt am Main from November 8 - 9.
The subject this year was "Leo Frobenius and nigeria". For more information on the association, please visit their website (only in German).

Our new contemporary art additions include works from Nigerian Portus Ojomo, the world famous Bruce Onobrakpeya with a “Metal Foil Deep Etching on wood” from 1985. Helen Doghor-Hötter presents, a.o. things her unusual iron sculptures. Togolese artist Didier Ahadsi is also represented with nine wonderful artworks with some very provocative themes. His colourfully painted metal sculptures have become a hallmark of his work. Our highlight is a rare Aquatint on paper from El Anatsui with a hand written poem “When I last wrote to you from Africa” - a real collectors item. more >>>

Mami Wata - Das Geheimnis der Weissen Frau (Mami Wata – the secret of the white woman) - a film by Benedict Mirow and Henning Christoph (in German). Mami Wata rules over the water pantheon, her spiritual meaning is accordingly great and her positive influence is onmipotent. The followers of Mami Wata need not be afraid - with her blessing life is much easier, jealousy and resentment are things of the past. The film builds a spiritual bridge between Bavaria and Benin by telling the story of a young German woman who rediscovers herself with the help of Mami Wata. more >>>

Under the motto „small is beautiful“ shikra presents a collection of figures which, although not great in height have a strength and vitality that belies their size. Our additions include Fali dolls from Cameroon, „biiga“ fertility dolls from Burkina Faso, Adja figures from Togo. Additionally there is a pair of beautiful old „Ibejis“ from the Yoruba Nigeria. Cameroon is again represented with two Bamun masks. We have a rare spoon from the Bassa in Lieria, which bears the marks of many years of use. more >>>

shikra is offering over 600 books about Africa from a private collection in Hamburg. The books range from Art, History, Ethnology and Politics through to Geography, Religion and Economics. They are in the German, English and French languages. Some of the books have already been sold so don’t wait too long before ordering. Please download the PDF for the full list. The books are offered at attractive prices so just take your pick! more >>>

This year the Soul of Africa Museum in cooperation with shikra is offering a chance in a lifetime tour of Cameroon. The journey will be approx. from October 23 to November 7 and will last 16 days but can be extended to 21 days. It will be a unique experience for all lovers of African culture, ceremonies, art and magic. We will be visiting various ethnic groups of the „Grassfields“ and will have the opportunity to partake in their ceremonies. One of the highlights will be a visit to Oku, the stronghold of black magic. more >>>

shikra has been commissioned to find a buyer or investor for a large collection of art from the Tanzanian artist George Lilanga. It is the largest collection of Lilanga in the world and was collected over a period of 25 years. A small part of the collection was sold at Sotheby's in 1999 and pieces can be found in many leading collections of Contemporary African art worldwide. Included in the collection are rare artworks in metal, large (2 m) circular paintings on goat skin as well as early works on batik. The owner of the collection also has sketches and notes made by Lilanga at the beginning of his career. For more information please contact Eric Makin directly by e-mail.

Our new contemporary art additions include Jimoh Buraimoh, with a rare deep etchings from 1977, two copper artworks from Asiru Olatunde from Nigeria who died in 1992. Also a beautiful batik from Adebisi Akanji as well as paintings from Emmanuel Ekong Ekefrey, both of whom are from Nigeria. Bernard Matemera is also represented with a stone sculpture made of serpentine and last but not least artworks from Adigun Olosun, Kasali Akangbe and Zephania Tshuma. more >>>

shikra has three further artworks from Ghanaian artist El Anatsui in its gallery consisting of two sculptures and a rare etching on paper. The sculptures were produced in December 1997 at the "ONDAMBO- First International Workshop for African Artists", in which he participated together with 8 other African artists. The pieces were publicized in the film "Ondambo", shown in Namibian television as well as two film festivals in Zimbabwe and Namibia. One piece by El Anatsui was sold im Oktober 2008 at Sotheby's London for £ 350,000. more >>>

The six sculptures are from a highly respected collection of George Lilanga artwork. The six sculptures were produced by Lilanga's uncle Malaba according to drawings and instructions from George Lilanga and is therefore also signed by Malaba as well as Lilanga. A further eight paintings are also available from the same collection. It isn't often that there is a chance to purchase such high quality pieces at such a good price so please don’t hesitate too long before placing your order. more >>>

Our online catalogue offers numerous books on such diverse topics as African politics, economics, travel, history and ethnology etc., published in German, French and English, with some dating back to the early 20th century. Many are difficult to find and will be of special interest to universities, museums, libraries and various other institutes. A large number of our books not online yet - if you cannot find a particular book, ask us for help. Prices start from € 3,- so that our selection suits every pocket. more >>>

Whether it's a birthday, Christmas or an anniversary etc. – a shikra gift voucher makes a wonderful present for all lovers of African Art. The voucher can be used as payment or part payment for any item in our online gallery. The gift vouchers can be purchased for € 25,-, € 50,-, € 75,- and € 100,- and can be used as a credit for any item in the online gallery. Please get it touch with us if you have any special requirements. more >>>

On a beautiful sun filled Sunday morning over 80 people attended the vernissage for the exhibition „Masters of Nigerian Contemporary Art“ in Museum Rade, close to Reinbek castle near Hamburg. Heinz Jockers, ethnologist and Africa specialist, commented during his highly informative introduction to the exhibition, that in over 20 years involvement with African art that he had never seen such a fine collection of contemporary Nigerian art in a single exhibition. All 41 exhibits are available for purchase. more >>>

The catalogue from the exhibition „Masters of Nigerian Contemporary Art“ (see right) is now available not only at the Museum Rade but also exclusively at shikra. This 36 page paperback catalogue features colour photographs of all the exhibits together with brief biographies of the artists including Bruce Onobrakpeya, Susanne Wenger, Chief Oloruntoba, Sangodare, El Anatsui, Jimoh Buraimoh, Twins Seven Seven und Rufus Ogundele. If you are unable to visit the museum the catalogue gives you an in-depth overview of the exhibits. All artworks are available for purchase. more >>>

"If we (the Africans) don't respect our culture then why should the West respect our artistic aspirations? We must learn to value our own skills and talents". - Kofi Sedordji, Accra, Ghana, August 2008 (...) What though is contemporary art? The dictionary definition is that it is art that has produced since the middle of the twentieth century. "Traditional" African art though is still being produced today so it looks as though we need another broader definition. more >>>

New additions to the books catalogue include „Negerplastik“ a classic from Carl Einstein published in 1920, the Musee de Tervuren catalogue „Tresors D’Afrique“ and „L’art Africain dans les Collections Privee Allemande“ from German author Karl-Ferdinand Schädler as well as Gerhard Kubik’s "Makisi nyau mapiko“, with detailed description of the Bantu masking traditions of Africa. Rolf Brockmann’s "Szene Lagos - Reise in eine afrikanische Kulturmetropole" and „Adunni- A Portrait of Susanne Wenger“ go wuth the current shikra exhibition (see right). more >>>

New additions include paintings from George Lilanga and artworks produced by Twins Seven Seven; the pieces are from the Kleine-Gunk collection and will be exhibited at the exhibition “Masters of Nigerian Art” (see above). Additionally we have works from Shedrach Uzenab and Jimoh Buraimoh in his unmistakeable style - richly coloured artworks consisting of countless coloured beads. Last but not least there is a beautiful piece made of silk thread on canvas by Chief Oloruntoba. more >>>

Have you any old or rare African Art books that you wish to sell? Then let shikra sell them for you in our online catalogue. Please send a digital photograph of the front cover with written details regarding title, author, date of publication, condition of book etc. to Examples of such information can be found here. For terms and conditions regarding the sale of your books please read our section "selling your art".
We look forward to hearing from you soon. Eric Makin. more >>>

New additions to our traditional art catalogue include a magnificent carved Lobi "beteba phuwe" figure as well as a large and powerful Urhobo figure with a thick crusty patina, from Ghana a beautifully carved Asante "Owari" board game, from Tanzania a rare terracotta Makonde helmet mask, probably used as a warning with regards to future misdeeds. From the east coast there are 3 wrist knives with protective leather sheaths which - when removed from the metal disc - turns into a lethal weapon. more >>>

Bruce Onobrakpeya has become a legend in his own lifetime as one of Africa's greatest artists. In 1958 he became a founder member of „"The Zaria Art Society" which aimed to move away from the Eurocentric view of African art. Among his many accolades he received the Pope John Paul II award for painting the life of Saint Paul. He is now regarded as one of the most influential printmakers in the world. shikra is offering numerous Bruce Onobrakpeyas's pieces ranging from limited editions to rare original printing plates. more >>>

Hamburg's „"Galerie Shona" owner Eckart Rohde takes a look back at the life of one of Zimbabwe's greatest sculptors: Nicholas Mukomberanwa. He was affectionately labelled the "Elder Statesman of Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture". It is said that he sometimes buried unfinished sculptures on his farm to “mature” them. He was regarded as a perfectionist he was never fully satisfied with the results of his work and would have dearly loved to repurchase the sculptures that now take pride of place in some of the greatest collections of art in the world. In November 2002, Nicholas Mukomberanwa died, Zimbabwe had just lost one of its’greatest sons. more >>>

Occasionally shikra discovers pieces that originates from beyond the African continent that we feel are of interest to our customers. This is such a piece. A human skull from Tibet, which is beautifully decorated with fine silver and beads. The exact use of such skulls is unknown to us but it is probably a Tantric ritual skull used for Vajrayana Buddhist Rituals. The top of the skull can be removed, the inside of which is covered in finely decorated silver. more >>>

shikra is pleased to present two new painting in our online gallery from Nigerian artist Sangodare. They are two early pieces from the artist dating from 1975.
Sangodare is the son of the pontifex of the deity Oshun in Oshogbo. When he was still a child, Sangodare who never attended any school, became the priest of the Yoruba God of thunder Shango. About nine years old, his father put him in Suanne Wenger's care, for the kid was attracted by the Austrian painter and her work.more >>>

shikra’s new acquisitions are 24 very fine ere ibeji’s from Nigeria.
The ibeji’s are offered as pairs and as single figures and represent a wide variety of styles. Ibeji’s have become much sort after in recent years.
Ibejis are used as vessels for containing the souls of a dead twin. The Yoruba believe that the souls of the twins are connected at birth and if one of the twins dies then it could cause harm to the surviving twin and therefore try to pacify the dead twin by caring for the ibeji.more >>>

The most recent additions to the shikra catalogue are from Tanzania.
The beautiful and dynamic carving is by renowned "old school "-Makonde-artists such as Dastani, Chanuo and Joseph. The graceful figures, mostly from the 1st generation of Makonde art, were acquired in Tanzania about 25 years ago.
The Makonde are a Bantu tribe and one of the five largest tribes in Tanzania, to be found in the Southeast of the country as well as northern Mozambique.more >>>

shikra partner "Galerie Shona" is holding another exciting and interesting exhibition in their sculpture garden in Hamburg Winterhude from August, 17. - 26. 2007. The main attraction at this year's exhibition is the Zimbabwean sculptor Brian Nyanhongo, who will be demonstrating how he works with serpentine-stone. more >>>

shikra also has two Nyanhongo sculptures on offer. more >>>

A work from El Anatsui which was created at the "Zweites Symposium Nordseeküste, Künstler vor dem Deich" in Cuxhaven in 1984. Consisting of wood and aluminium it is very characteristic of the Ghanean artists style. The piece consists of two symentrical parts and is signed El 84.
El Anatsui was one of fifty prominent international artists selected for the 1999 Champs de la Sculpture project in Paris.
more >>>

Starting 30 April '07 shikra has a small exhibition of modern and traditional art at ”The Nature Shop” in the Bornstr. 20, Hamburg. On show are paintings and sculptures by the world famous Tanzanian artist George Lilanga and a small selection of traditional art from West, Central and East Africa, furthermore photographs from six times "World Press Photo Award" winner Henning Christoph. Opening hours: Mon– Sat: 11:00 – 19:00
more >>>

shikra was pleased to be asked to exhibit selected pieces of modern and traditional African art as part of an “Africa Night” at the Hamburg Museum of Ethnology on April, 20th 2007.
The event was organised by the “Afrika Verein” as part of the general members meeting of the association.
more >>>

In February and March 2007 I had the pleasure of making two visits to one of South Africa’s leading modern artists Willie Bester.
His house can be found in the Cape Town suburb of Kuilsrivier where he lives together with his wife Evelyn. The house was built ten years ago with the help of architect Carin Smuts of CS Studio and the result is what can only be described as a three-storey “installation”.
more >>>

Produced in 1994 the painting has been signed and framed by the artist. It symbolizes the God "Dan", one of the major Gods in the Voodoo pantheon.
Cyprien Tokoudagba was born in Abomey, Benin in 1939 and still lives and works in the area. His special relation to the Vodun Universe, which can be seen in his work, is a cultural heritage from his ancestors.
more >>>

Published in Rolf Brockmann and Gerd Hötters, "Szene Lagos, Reise in eine afrikanische Kulturmetropole" (Trickster Verlag, Munich 1994, p.180) together with lengthy interviews with the artist. The painting has been framed by the artist himself. The photograph shows Twins with the painting at an exhibition of his work at the Italian Embassy in Lagos in 1987. Born in 1944 "Taiwo Olanyi Salau" adopted the pseudonym „Twins Seven Seven“ as the only survivor of seven sets of twins. He is an internationally reknowned artist; his paintings being heavily influenced by the rich culture of the Yoruba in Nigeria.
more >>>

On October 20th 2006 shikra launched a new online gallery called „shikra photos“. All photographs are limited editions taken by the six times "World Press Photo Award" winner Henning Christoph. The photographs are produced by using the high-quality Lambda Print technique and are supplied with a signed authenticity certificate.
shikra presently has over 90 high quality images to select from. Each image is limited to 150 prints. Each print is numbered, certified and signed by Henning Christoph.
more >>>

Henning Christoph has been photographing in Africa for over 35 years. His first assignment was in 1969. Since then his photographs have been published in such renowned publications as “Life”, National Geographic, “Time”, “Newsweek”, “New York Times”, “Figaro”, “Geo” and “Stern”. Today has the most comprehensive African photography database on the web. Eric Makin talked to Henning Christoph about his travels, experiences and adventures in Africa. more >>>

During an exhibition organized by the Gallery Shona in July 2006 in Hamburg, Eric Makin took the opportunity to talk to Zimbabwean sculptor Bevan Kututwa. Bevan gave us an interesting insight into his life and work. more >>>
shikra has some very fine examples of Shona art on offer. Why not take a look!
more >>>

shikra and Galerie Shona held another joint exhibition "Modern meets Traditional 2006" in the Nyegaard-Stift in Hamburg on December, 8.-10. and 16.-17. Following our successfull exhibition in 2005 further modern stone sculptures from Zimbabwe as well as traditional cult and utilitarian objects from Africa were on display. For the first time we were able to present Photographs by the 6-times „World Press Photo Award“- winner Henning Christoph.
more >>>

To support the „South Africa Weeks“ held in Park Hyatts’ Apples Restaurant, shikra, together with our colleagues from “Shona Galerie”, presented a small collection of high quality Shona sculptures. Visitors to the hotel were able to admire the skills of such outstanding Zimbabwean sculptors such as Ashburn Gilliam, Joel Nhete and Lovemore Bonjisi. "I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stephen Blackburne and Kathrin Schaffner form Hotel Park Hyatt for their support". (Eric Makin)
more >>>

shikra has recently acquired 7 paintings from the world reknowned Ugandan artist Jak Katarikawe. We are selling these original paintings at a very fair price of € 190 each. Jak Katarikawe was born in Uganda in 1940. After his talent had been discovered in 1960 his first exhibition was held 11 years later in Kampala but numerous others followes throughout the world.    
more >>>

shikra is pleased to announce that we have obtained a further 15 paintings and sketches from Africa’s most famous artist, Nigerian born Twins Seven Seven. The paintings range from small, signed ink drawings through to the Twins masterpiece "Village life under palm trees”. Born "Taiwo Olanyi Salau" Twins Seven Seven adopted the pseudonym as the only survivor of seven sets of twins.
more >>>

shikra is delighted to have on offer a mask from the world famous Beninese artist Romuald Hazoumé. Produced in 1989, it is a so called "masques bidon” and reflects the gradual metamorphosis from his earlier art to his now instantly recognisable style of using reclaimed objects to produce an exciting combination of traditional and contemporary art. His work has been exhibited at numerous leading art galleries including the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
more >>>

More and more collectors are succumbing to the magic of African art. However, the routes of the "black goods" into Europe can be adventurous. Brussels is a hotspot.
Penthouse’s former editor-in-chief Klaus Beydemüller gives the reader an amusing behind the scenes insight into what in reality is a very serious subject, the African art trade.

Shortly before Christmas 2005 shikra, together with "Galerie Shona", held an exhibition of stone sculptures from Zimbabwe as well as traditional cult and utilitarian objects from Africa.
Visitors were fascinated by the great variety of subject matter used in Shona sculptures as well as the expressiveness of masks from Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Nigeria and Tanzania along with the magic of voodoo objects from Benin.
more >>>

shikras’ interests are not just limited to African art and are pleased to report that we are supporting a newly opened clinic in Benin, West Africa.
Founder of the clinic is Henning Christoph - ethnologist, journalist and founder of SOUL OF AFRICA (S.O.A.).
more >>>

The shikra online gallery was officially launched on Thursday the 18th August 2005 in the British Consulate in Hamburg.
I am very grateful that I was able to exhibit in the beautiful surroundings of the Consulate and would like to give my special thanks to John Holway and Tim Collard for their support.
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