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Galerie Afrikanische Kunst
about shikra

shikra – the result of a passion for Africa


It all began in 1983 with a twelve-month sojourn across the African continent. Starting in Alexandria in Egypt with a budget of $ 10 a day and in retrospect what might be called a great deal of naive enthusiasm, the journey had begun. Thirteen countries, 18,000 kilometres and twelve months later I reached the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa and the first of many African adventures had come to an end. Since then I have been able to visit approximately thirty African countries and my aim is to visit many more.

The online-gallery, named “shikra”*, is a further product of my enthusiasm and passion for Africa. It was founded in August 2005 as one of only a few galleries worldwide that offers both traditional and contemporary African art. Based in Hamburg, Germany, the gallery provides an excellent platform for acquiring and selling art from Africa. Since the gallery’s launch we have been honoured to supply internationally renowned clients with quality works of art.

The gallery offers a wide range of carefully selected works of fine traditional African art, many of which have excellent provenances. We offer a large variety of objects including masks, figures, jewellery, weapons and utilitarian objects from among others the Luba, Kuba, Senufo, Ashanti, Songye, Baule, Makonde, Yoruba, Chokwe, Pende, and Ibibio.

You will find works from numerous leading African contemporary artists, including El Anatsui, Twins Seven Seven, Valente Malangatana, Susanne Wenger, Willie Bester, Chuks Anyanwu and Romuald Hazoumé. If you are looking for that special, unusual piece, just contact the gallery and we will see what can be done for you.

In addition to the wide selection of art, the gallery also offers over 2000 books about African art and the African Continent, many of which are rare and difficult to find.

African art is now getting the widespread recognition that it richly deserves as renowned collectors and individuals turn their attention to a continent destined for large economic growth that is becoming an ever important and exciting part of the global art market. shikra provides you with a link to this market and whether you are buying or selling African art, is the right address for you.

Join me on my present journey and discover for yourself, art from the past, the present and investments for the future.

Eric Makin

Tel. +49 (0)175 245 0868

* The name “shikra” came from my love of bird watching. The shikra (Accipiter badius) is a small bird of prey in the family Accipitridae found widely distributed in Asia and Africa where it is also called the Little Banded Goshawk.

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